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This website is a non-exhaustive window of all the Christian Collin gallery collection at his shop in Paris.

You will find a wide selection of original prints from the XVI th to the XX th century.

The classification by theme, by school as well as an index of artists will enable you to findquite easily what you are looking for.

A comprehensive glossary of terms used to describe the technical terms and specific definitions related to print world is above-mentioned that will help you to translate informations sheets written in french.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request or particular choice.



Last acquisitions

PIRANESI Giovanni Battista (PIRANESE)

PIRANESI Giovanni Battista (PIRANESE)

(1720 - 1770)

La grande Piazza


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REDOUTE Pierre Joseph

REDOUTE Pierre Joseph

(1759 - 1840)

Engraved byde Gouy

TULIPA Suavéolens,Tulipe Odorante, plate 110 from "Les Liliacées" (1802-1816)

Stipple engraving printed in colour finished by hand

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(1797 - 1858)

Plate 9 from The Story of the Revenge of the Soga Brothers (Soga Monogatari Zuye)

woodcut in colours