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UTAGAWA Toyokuni, called TOYOKUNI I

FICHE 15642

(1769 - 1825) 

Actors Sawamura Tôzô I as Kataoka Kôzaemo, Ichiyama Shichizô II as Kaguya Saizaburô, and Ichikawa Yaozô III as Obiya Chôemon

Woodblock print

Impression on Japan paper, signed Toyokuni ga, published by Nishimuraya YohachiCensors's seal kiwame.

Sheet: vertical ôban (358 x 236 mm)

Refrence: a proof is preserved in the Waseda University Theater Museum.

Condition: light-staining, worm holes restored, dust, soilings along the right border, paperloss in the lower part.

450 €