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Following government announcements, the gallery adapts its hours and receive you from 10 am to 17h30 pm with out interruption from monday to saturday from the 16th of January.


Last acquisitions

We're delighted to present you our new Japanese prints’ acquisitions. You will find a selection of subjects and artists from the Edo period to modern times:  Koryusai, Shunchô, Utamaro, Yoshitoshi, Hiroshige, Kunisada, Shunsen, Keith, Shotei... These prints are on display in  the gallery and oin the category « Last acquisitions ».

KEITH Elizabeth

KEITH Elizabeth

(1887 - 1956)

Kamakura. Summer reflections.

Woodcut in colours

Image of this month

LEWIS Frederick Christian

LEWIS Frederick Christian

(1779 - 1856)

View of Pont Neuf, part of the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the College of Four Nations

after Thomas GIRTIN (1775-1802)