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Marcel Bernanose and Indochina

We are pleased to present some drawings and prints that the artist Marcel Bernanose (1884 - 1952) made on Indochina and its inhabitants during his mission to the General Government between 1909 and 1920. 
They constitute an intimate and moving testimony of this long journey, during which the artist sketched the populations of Indochina and their customs. 
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Last acquisitions

Nous présentons nos dernières acquisitions en estampes japonaises ukiyo-e et shin-hanga : paysages, scènes de la vie quotidienne, traditions, portraits d'acteurs, bijin et courtisanes, animaux, fleurs et oiseaux... Pour les découvrir, cliquer sur l'image ci-dessous ou sur la rubrique "dernières acquisitions" ci-contre.

KOITSU Tsuchiya

KOITSU Tsuchiya

(1870 - 1949) 

Akashi Bay, Inland Sea at Seto

Woodcut in colours 

Image of this month

MILES Joshua

MILES Joshua

(South Africa, 1967)

Sheep and canola

Linocut in colors