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The graphic work of Marianne Nix, between photography and engraving.

Painter, photographer, draftswoman and engraver living in London, Marianne Nix combines digital tools and traditional engraving techniques. 

We are pleased to present some of her graphic work in the 'contemporary artists' section or by clicking here


Last acquisitions

SHOTEI Takahashi (after)

SHOTEI Takahashi (after)

(1871 - 1945)

Night shower at Izumi bridge

Woodcut in colours 

Image of this month

DEGMAIR Philipp Andreas

DEGMAIR Philipp Andreas

(Gerrmany 1711 - 1783)

[Commedia dell'arte : Arlequin and the frog]

after Matthias SILLER (1710 - 1790)

Etching, vintage colours