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Corinne Lepeytre started her professional career in management. Then in 2010, she stopped this activity and devoted herself to graphic arts and pictorial matter (restoration of paintings, painting according to ancient techniques, gilding with leaf, elaboration of icons) and discovered engraving. Between 2012 and 2020, she learns engraving with Francis Capdeboscq. She participes in numerous events and collective exhibitions of printmaking. She sometimes organizes them.

For Corinne, the urban landscape is her favourite subject, particularly that of Paris where she has her roots. Thanks to her great mastery of aquatint, she takes a curious and erudite look at the city; she sometimes reveals the hidden sides and above all the mysterious or enigmatic soul of the place. Her creations are echoes of the images of yesteryear. With Corinne as our guide, from the detailed to the wide shot, in the bright light of day or in the half-light of night, we discover the strata of history, the imprints and traces left on the walls of the city. She says that she owes her taste for engraving to the prints of Piranesi, Canaletto and Desmazières. 

Corinne practices aquatint engraving on zinc or copper. Most of her prints are monochrome, in black ink on rag paper and with lost edges. She works in series (The roofs of Paris, the Parisian passages, the windows on Paris...). 


Corinne Lepeytre