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Guyenne / Gascogne

PETIT Victor

FICHE 11385

(1817 - 1873)

Panorama de la vallée de Bagnères de Luchon (France, Occitanie, Haute Garonne)

Original ithograph in colours 

A nice impression  from the 2/3 of the 19th century, printed in colours by Thierry frères in Paris and published by Dulon. This print - printed in colours on two sheets (Chine appliqués) and handlighted with arabic gum - shows Bagnères de Luchon's valley from the south. The view was taken from the top of Barcugnas. 

Sheet: 185 x 690 mm.

Condition: Generally in good condition despite the two small tears on the right Chine appliqué. 

130 €