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Émile Sulpis (prints)


FICHE 11680

(1856 - 1943)

Woman draped in a veil 

Soft ground 

A nice impression on Japan paper, signed in pencil, numbered 8/8, 1rst state. 

Aside to his interpretation's work, Emile Sulpis shows his times in a series of small original intimate prints. The female figure holds a central place: portraits, bathing scenes, languid models, sports and domestic activities are recurring subjects in his paper work. In view of he annotations in the margins, it is a personal production, probably not intended for the public. Emile Sulpis works on different engraving processes, in a "print's kitchen" combining several techniques and multiplying the states.

Plate: 195 x 150 mm.

Sheet: 310 x 230 mm.

Condition: slight light-staining, slight paper's buckling. 

80 €